How to help your body even if you’re not trying…

💦Water: The Overlooked Nutrient

In talking about macronutrients, we only think of the Big 3: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats.

But we often forget one essential nutrient. Not consuming this nutrient for 3 days, experts believe, can kill us.

                                                                                                                                 That nutrient is: WATER 💧.

Yes, water is considered a nutrient, because it is just as important as the Big 3. It plays a huge role in our bodily functions. Here are a few benefits of drinking enough water:

⭐️Helps improve performance 💪🏾

Feeling extra sluggish during the summer or while exercising?

Dehydration 🤤 could be a cause of that.

Losing at least 2% of your body water content can lead to increased fatigue and reduced motivation, enough to make you struggle to work or exercise.

If you find yourself in this situation, drink some water (and take a quick jog to the water cooler while you’re at it!).

⭐️Relieves constipation 💁🏾‍♀️

Finding it extra hard to do a No. 2 👀 in the mornings?

Studies show that not enough water intake increases your risk of having constipation.

👉🏾For smoother passage, drink mineral water, especially one that is rich in sodium and magnesium.

⭐️Aids in weight loss

To prevent overeating and hunger pangs, experts recommend drinking water rather than reaching out for a snack.

Timing is important, too. One study found that drinking water 30 minutes before your meal compels you to consume fewer Calories than usual.

If these three aren’t enough to convince you to chug more of this nutrient, we don’t know what will.

Stay hydrated 💦, folks!

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Macros vs. Calories: What Should I Count 🤔?

“My goal is to lose weight. Would counting my carbs help?” 😬

“I want to eat healthier. Should I count the Calories, too?” 😱

Most people who are into weight loss do not consider macronutrients as important enough to watch out for; only Calories.

👉🏾But with the right strategy and education, you can balance both.

Don’t get us wrong. Calorie counting can help you reach your weight loss goals, but only to an extent.

Say, for example, your goal is to only eat 2,000 Calories per day. You can get that in two slices of meat lover’s pizza.

But can you consider it healthy? No.

Not all Calories are created equal. Some can be Caloric-dense but nutrient-deficient.

👉🏾That’s when macronutrient counting comes in.

Instead of fulfilling a certain amount of Calories, we can focus on finding better food options that can balance our macronutrient needs.

With macronutrient counting, you can be more intuitive about what to eat.

👉🏾After all, you need to balance all three, unlike in Calorie counting wherein your only goal is to not exceed an amount.

In our earlier example, instead of two slices of pizza, you can go for a whole wheat turkey burger that is packed with macronutrients AND micronutrients, all while keeping you full and satisfied for the next 5 hours.

Yes, whole wheat can do that for you (complex carbs are whole ‘nother post)!

At the end of the day, though, go for the strategy that works best for you. Our bodies are so unique, with different needs and compositions.

Seek the help of an expert who can help you determine which one works best for you to reach your goals!

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