How to Find a Good Accountant for Your Small Business


It would be nice if I can get my hands on an accounting professional who will teach me what I need to know about my business. That’s a great idea to hire an account who can explain things in a way that I’ll understand. I’m starting a small business with a friend so we’ll definitely keep this in mind as we look for a suitable accountant. My wife runs a small shop in town, and lately, we’ve been looking for an accountant that can help with any small things that come up, especially since we’ve gotten really busy.

  • Make sure you find out who you will be working with on a consistent basis.
  • The right accountant will be the professional whose financial advice will guide you through long-term decisions for your business and be your guidance through legal statutes at tax time every year.
  • These accountants are willing to do whatever the client asks, even if it is borderline illegal.
  • It’s interesting that you talked about choosing an accountant that will return your calls.
  • It’s not enough that the accountant has a membership plaque on the wall—they absolutely must follow the code of ethics as well.

And while using do-it-yourself accounting software can help monitor costs, the benefits of hiring good accountants extend far beyond crunching numbers. In addition, he or she can provide invaluable advice and general support by offering general business advice, discussing your ideas, and stress-testing business plans. Do you need an accountant in-house or one who can work remotely? A remote accountant can be from anywhere, including lower cost of living regions where they can charge less.

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You can ask the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility if an EA has ever been censured or subjected to other disciplinary action. You might also want to check with your local chamber of commerce. Perform a quick background check after your initial interview. You might even search for the professional’s name in social media.

  • After all, an accountant isn’t just a tax preparer; he or she can help you build a blueprint for the future of your business.
  • After all, an accountant is much more than a bookkeeper who prepares your financial statements.
  • Anyone can be a paid tax return preparer if they have an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number .
  • If you don’t feel that connection right away, it may be best to look for other options.
  • Finding a good accountant is essential to ensure that your taxes are filed correctly and you get the most deductions possible.

A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, will have your back for everything related to taxes, and take the burden of filing off your shoulders. An accountant is a professional that handles all your finances, ensuring that you pay your taxes and other financial dues. If you need to hire an accountant, you must choose a good one to avoid putting yourself at risk of legal issues or audits.

Relevant experience, competence and qualifications

These are perhaps the most basic of accounting disciplines. While it makes sense for many business owners to manage their day-to-day records, an accountant can help set up bookkeeping and accounting systems and show you how to use them. A good system allows you to evaluate profitability and modify prices. It also lets you monitor expenses, track a budget, spot trends and reduce accounting fees required to produce financial statements and tax returns. When it comes to financial planning and filing taxes, it’s important to choose the right accountant for your needs.


Make sure you get written quotations from all the how to find an accountant for small businesss you interview, then go away and compare them carefully. Consider a range of scenarios – one fee structure may make sense while your business is small, but could become less attractive as it grows. An interview can be a powerful way to see how well you’re likely to be able to work with a person. And a series of interviews will not only help you better define the type of accountant you need, but also gain you valuable free advice. This may even help you determine your own business requirements more clearly. Accountants often charge by the hour, so making them do simple data-entry tasks is not the best use of their time – time that you’re paying for.

Get Free Advice from an Accountant

This could help you compare their interaction with you and responses to your questions in order for you to choose the best one for your situation. In order to do this, you’d probably want to research the different accountants in your area so you can meet with your top choices and ensure they’re in the area and you can go talk to them if necessary. Thank you for all this great information about choosing an accountant]! I really like your point about making sure that the tax accountant has the time to get back to me.

It’s also important to choose an accountant with good communication skills and a personality you’re comfortable with. If you ever need to cut your accountant loose but are worried it will keep you from filing your taxes on time, file Form 4868, which gives you an extension on your filing deadline. A good accountant is hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Before you explore outside resources, use your connections to your advantage.

What does a business accountant do?

Asking people for recommendations is usually a good idea, but finding a reputable place can be challenging if you’re starting from scratch. Start by understanding the difference between CPAs and accountants. I’ve been thinking of hiring an accountant to help me with my finances.

  • There’s no single, universal method that accountants use to charge by.
  • There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting for gauging how well you might work with another person.
  • Set a time to speak with the accountant candidate over the phone or in person.
  • Each business is different, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out the right legal structure for your business.
  • You can use a service like Thumbtack to find accountants in your area.
  • Also be sure to ask for references — particularly from clients in your industry.
  • If it can’t offer specialized services, it may have relationships with other firms to which it can refer you to handle these matters.

There are a few different factors to look out for when choosing an accountant. Peace of mind from knowing that a qualified professional is focusing on an area that may be entirely new to you, and directly impacts your take-home pay. However, when you combine the time you have available with your other responsibilities as a business owner, this question normally answers itself. If we’re unable to support then we have a range of other accountants that we work with who will be able to help you. You can then drill down based on a few different criteria and find companies or individuals to help. It can be a decent option to find some accountants although it seems that most profiles generally don’t have a large number of reviews.

However, the realization that you have to figure out all of the financial details for yourself can be overwhelming, and you might start looking around for help. I like that you mentioned that a good accountant will be able to break things down to you and explain them so you can understand. That way, you can be on the same page and feel a lot more comfortable with him. I am trying to find a new accountant to help me get my finances in order this year. My husband and I are wanting to find an accountant to help us set up different budgets, and plans to stick to them. We have never needed this type of service before, so we are looking for some advice on how to choose one we can work well with.

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